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Running jokes are fun. Teasing in fun. My friends turning my ex-boyfriend into a running joke was funny, I guess. Until it becomes a daily thing they tease me about.

We were walking back from a presentation we just gave, it was myself, my boyfriend, my Cuban big brother, and another reenactor. Cuban was teasing me and I just turn to him and playfully ask why he doesn't like me. My boyfriend and the Cuban in perfect timing look at me and say in sync:


And just start laughing. 

And this isn't the first time. Not by a long shot. 

It's been over a year. Jesus, let it go. It was a mistake, I've admitted that to y'all every single time it's brought up. It's not funny anymore. I hate being attached to him. We are not connected. Every time it's brought up, all it does is remind me of the scared, lonely knob I was who was just looking for someone who was nice to her.

I haven't been eating much cause the school's food is gross and I haven't built up a stockpile yet, nor have I been sleeping much cause the bed feels wrong, so I'm a little short tempered, I guess this just pushed me over the edge.

Along with the rooming situation being FUBAR, my parking decal, my grandmother, reenactment, etc...everything has me on edge. At least this is the one thing I feel like I can control, maybe that's why, out of everything I could be angry about, I chose this.


I'm in the biggest writing mood. I know I can only keep writing so many Shakarian stories, before my readers (and my dirty mind) are gonna make me give into a smutty fic. I'm excited, but nervous. I can do normal sex scenes without blushing or batting an eye, but an alien/human one is going to be a challenge, but a fun one. It takes me forever to write Mass Effect fics, because I'm so anal about keeping them perfectly in character (and no, I don't consider the Citadel DLC "in character," even though I love it...but more on that later.) So many Shakarian fics are so off character it just ruins the story for me. 

I have found a story that is so in character and perfect that I just can't get enough.…

This is an excerpt from Chapter 3. Shepard buys a pheromone that attracts Turians, but she smashes the bottle in her pants when she passes out, the overdose drives them insane. Garrus had just fought off an attacker trying to "mate" with Shepard and he has to fight as hard as he can not to attack her. But in the heat of battle, he loses his cool for a moment. It took until Chapter 3 for anything sexual and it is very tasteful...ish. The author's writing is all around amazing, but I chose this excerpt because he/she even got the sexual tension perfect! Like I can only hope that I get even close to this. 



                Moving with the predator grace she'd seen in battle, he crossed the street and slammed her against the bulkhead. His chest was heaving, his breath coming in deep, ragged huffs that bathed her face with hot air. He smelled of steel, spice, and something dangerous, and while the intensity Shepard sensed in him was familiar, there was something very wrong about it, like an overheated plasma rifle about to go off.

But yes, new stories will be up soon.


First off, I don't really find some of the characters to be very in character. I mean, really, the made Garrus talk about banging Shepard. I love it and I wish there was just a "Bang Garrus" button on my controlling, but I feel as though they just threw the fans a bone. That's the thing, I love that it's not in character. It's like all my wicked thoughts, fantasies, and fanfictions come to life. Garrus coming to my rescue when I'm attacked by mercs, Garrus flirting with me and then us doing the Tango, Garrus in general. Unf.

Well I have to run, I'm gonna start writing some more.

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Ello I'm Haley!


I love writing. Poetry, fables, short stories, fantasies, whatever comes to mind.

I also love photography. I don't have a nice Nikon D40 but I happily make do with my TL200.

Random crap I love: Horses, video games, running, bacon, making up imanginary worlds, living in my imamginary worlds, animals, being in love, Speech and Deabte, boys with accents, the military (especally the Air Force), rain, cloudy days, flowers (especally roses), chivalry

Random crap I hate: Vegetables, people that are mean for no real reason, homophobes, narrow-minded people, degrading rap music (there is some good rap out there...but not much)

Oh and hit me up on my Skype, if you wanna, I'm addicted to it now. Don't be shy, come say hi! <- That was not orignially intended to rhyme but I like it!

Current Residence: My Mind
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Country
Favourite photographer: Me! Haha, I'm not that conceited...or am I?
Favourite cartoon character: Garfeld or Archie
Personal Quote: Your heart has reasons that reason does not understand

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