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Minefield by Evilangel642 Minefield :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0 Charleston Coast by Evilangel642 Charleston Coast :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0 Tinkerbell's Home by Evilangel642 Tinkerbell's Home :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0 Drip Drop by Evilangel642 Drip Drop :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 5 1 The Fog of War by Evilangel642 The Fog of War :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 0 0 Garrus the Betta by Evilangel642 Garrus the Betta :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 10 1 Snake Bite by Evilangel642 Snake Bite :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 0 0 Little Piece of Sin by Evilangel642 Little Piece of Sin :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0
The Lottery, Nancy's View
As the dust cleared and the shouts died down, she started running. “Nancy! Nancy!” her voice cried out. She tripped over a slick stone in her reckless dash. Finally, she caught sight of the golden blonde ponytail, “Nancy!” The girl ran over and embraced her friend. “Oh Nancy, I’m so glad it wasn’t you!” the girl cried into Nancy’s shoulder.
Nancy pulled out of the hug and looked at her friend, a small smile playing on her face. “Thank you.”
Once Nancy’s friend released her, she looked her up and down, “Nancy! You’re poor dress is filthy!” She watched Nancy’s eyes drift down to her pale green dress, which was now covered in a layer of dust, but then Nancy’s eyes froze on her friend’s hands.
The girl looked down at her hands, they were tinged red. Suddenly it hit her why Nancy was upset, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to get blood on your dress!”
Nancy looked
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This One Turian
The voices. The fog. Running as quickly as she could, but moving at a crawl. Moving past black figures, figures that almost had faces. Faces she could almost recognize. She had to follow. Had to find. She turned the corner. Light. A small bundle of light surrounding the smallest black figure. She had to get to him. Move. Move faster. Everything looks the same. Follow the light. Get to the light. Finally as she approaches him. The figure looks up at her.
The piercing noise fills her ears as recognition washes over her.
Shepard awoke tangled in her covers and drenched in sweat. She sat up and buried her head in her hands.
The boy. The little boy from Earth. The one she couldn't save. The innocent life she watched get blown up as she escaped in the shuttle.
The nightmares were getting worse. She was hearing voices now. It was Ashley's voice this time.
"I'm sorry, Ash," Shepard mutters as she remembers Virmire.
Shepard walked over to her desk. She could only be strong and alone for s
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Cavalry by Evilangel642 Cavalry :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0 The Frog Wizard of Problems by Evilangel642 The Frog Wizard of Problems :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 0 0 Remember Who Made You What You Are by Evilangel642 Remember Who Made You What You Are :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 0 0 Evening Ponderings by Evilangel642 Evening Ponderings :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 2 1
Little Girl
Silence in the air
But the screams fill her head
Drowning her thoughts
Sinking her sanity
'Why don't you believe me'
'Why won't you help me'
Striking a helpless hand
A hand, reaching for a last hope
Discrediting and sound for help
And then asking why
I pull away and hide behind
a secure reserve
A façade
A citadel
A wall
A place where the little girl
inside my head is safe
The little girl who
Trusted so easily
Loved so sweetly
The little girl who
Had her innocence untimely ripped from her soul
Had her white soul stained a grimy black
Who watched
Love fail
Violence increase
Words cut
The little girl who reached out
Searching desperately for
A place to rest her weary heart
Instead the innocent little girl
Found only how cruel
Humans really are
Abuse came easy
Lies flew freely
Her little world was shattered
When she cried out
No one came
Her head became her
and her
A room with an open door
But outside the door
Lay a world of death and despair
A prison
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Look Out, It's A Domo by Evilangel642 Look Out, It's A Domo :iconevilangel642:Evilangel642 1 0


5 Steps to Writing Your Story's Midpoint
5 Steps to Writing Your Story's Midpoint
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 4 “Plot Points” – Section 6 “The Midpoint”
With Links to Supplementary Material
If the First Pinch Po
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 124 20
6 Tips for Writing Dystopian Fiction
6 Tips for Writing Dystopian Fiction
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0

Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 8 “Dystopia”
(Previous Tutorial)             (Next Tutorial)

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 199 61
IC by Grorichan IC :icongrorichan:Grorichan 3 0
Blank Character Sheet 2.1.8 (390+ Questions!)
The accompanying Google Doc includes a nice guide for each attribute!
"A quote from or about your character."
      - Book, Chapter
    General Information
Name Meaning:
Name Origin:
Other Names:
Birth Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Length:
Birth Weight:
Birth Place:
Manner of Birth:
First Word(s):
Death Date:
Death Place:
Manner of Death:
Resting Place:
Last Words:
Dominant Hand:
Astrological Sign:
ID Number/SSN:
License Plate Number:
Blood Typ
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I love that program, I have it set up on here and my Tumblr. It's nice seeing who, what, and when people view my stuff. And to stalk when my friend's check out my stuff (if they are from a different city/state or on a certain time, I can figure out it's them and tag their IP address with a name.) 

Although, I can't figure out what's going with my StatCounter for dA. It currently has 11 different IP addresses pinging in from my school. I can account for 4, maybe 5, of them. My laptop, my phone, my ex's laptop, my friend's laptop, and maybe his phone. I can't figure out where the other's are coming from and they all have 40 to 60 returing visits. 

Eh, oh well, best not to fret.  
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Hey y'all I'm Haley.

I'm 21 years old and a senior in college.
Model, photographer, writer, and poet.

I mainly write in the sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and steampunk genres. I am currently working on getting some of works published.

For my poems, I am also working on getting these published as well.

My photography focuses on nature, animals, and occasionally candid human subjects.

For modeling, I am available for photo shoots. I will post a link to my portfolio as soon as I get it perfected. I am fine with modeling for free. As a small photographer, I love helping other small photographers.

Outside of that:

I love cosplay and cons. If you live on the East Coast and go to cons, we will probably meet up, and we definitely should!

I love video games. I am currently working on setting up a gaming/geekdom YouTube channel with my friends.

I'm an avid Civil War reenactor, except lots of pictures from my events.



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